Featured Program – “Marine Contractor Combined Program”

This program has been designed exclusively for Marine Contractors in all states, regardless of the type of work they perform. It can include a small amount of “dry” work. (If the dry work is significant, use our unique Land & Sea program).

It combines virtually all the necessary coverages for a Marine Contractor, regardless of size, into one simple program and features a flexible and creative underwriting approach to allow it to be tailored to fit most circumstances.

Work Comp/Longshore coverage is the keystone to the program, and can be written in all states (including monoline Longshore in monopolistic states).

From there you can add all the additional coverages as needed:

  • Maritime Employers Liability (MEL)
  • Protection & Indemnity
  • Marine General Lability and its related endorsements
  • Hull, Equipment and Waterfront Property
  • Excess/Umbrella liabilities
  • And in many states today: Auto

For more information, download the program planner by clicking here.

The Work Comp and Auto can be submitted using standard ACORD applications. The simple Marine Package application can be accessed online at

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